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 "From producing and songwriting to graphics, Lanelle truly embodies the DIY culture that is now necessary to make it in music today."
- Earmilk

“Definitely one to watch, Lanelle offers a new layer to the genre and a necessary representation for women everywhere.”

- Afropunk

Boston-bred, Texas-based artist Aria Lanelle is an all-in-one deal, take your pick. She regularly handles a myriad of genres with ease: from R&B to Soul, from Hip-Hop to Electronic. And in one breath she writes her music, performs her vocals, and produces the majority of her music. Lanelle is able to craft art that brings the listener right into her world and pathos, which allows them to look inward and reflect within as well. With multiple EPs under her belt and a variety of singles released consistently since her inception in 2015, Aria has plans to release her debut album in 2024

“I literally can’t remember a time in my life when music wasn’t around me,” Aria recalls. With her mother being in the Army, Aria spent a good portion of her life traveling with her grandmother, one of many reasons Aria is clearly destined to tour the world with her art. While going cross-country, Aria saw her grandmother in action, singing in church services, being a leader and more. “I got to watch her speak with authority and sing over the years,” Aria says, “I studied how she’d hold the mic and look into the congregation.”


During this time Aria was exposed to all kinds of art and expression, poetry, paintings, films–the list goes on and on. It wasn’t just the exposure either, the sonic standout had a flame in her soul to study and pursue the arts. As Aria grew up she kept studying and eventually performing more and more–church choir, classical choir, fashion shows, musical theater, and then the Boston Children’s Chorus. Before she even got into the studio and started releasing music, Aria was a professional already. “All that training, discipline, and hard work influences my artistry…” Aria says. 



“I have a few core elements I like to carry through every song: great vocals, rich harmonies, prominent bass and drum, and touches of gospel,” Aria explains. This is just the tip of the iceberg that Aria Lanelle brings to the table when one presses play on any of her tracks. Understand that the young prodigy had been absorbing, studying, and practicing the art form for well over a decade by the time she began studying at the Berklee College of Music. At this time Aria Lanelle became a studio rat: researching out of print albums, singing in gospel choir, crafting sketches for song ideas and learning how to produce. So by the time her debut EP “ULTRAGIRL” came out in 2015, while it may have been her first outing, she already had the experience of a veteran. All while getting personal teachings from Susan Rogers, Prince’s right-hand engineer. 

With “ULTRAGIRL” Aria immediately steps on the scene demanding your ears and attention. Keep in mind that Aria herself produced this, and the eclectic sounds she presents are just a piece of the puzzle to Aria’s full and expressive vocals. There’s something for everyone on “ULTRAGIRL”, and this was just the beginning of Lanelle’s output. 


The mythical summer of 2016 saw Aria releasing her sophomore effort with “My Name Is” EP. This release was a change of sound compared to “ULTRAGIRL”, but was still an extension of Lanelle’s genius. “Sonically, the goal of the project was to modernize my sound and get away from all the 'retro' comments,” Aria explains. The pounding and diverse production was paired with a confident Aria once again showcasing her range of talent. From the powerful anthem in “League” to a vivid description of Aria’s life in “Then To Now”, the talented artist’s diversity shines once again, from the beats to the beautiful vocals. It is no mistake that Aria Lanelle is a once in a lifetime talent who has studied those before her. 



The following years had Lanelle releasing singles–constantly experimenting with different sounds and moods, looking to bring people together. “The country is so segregated right now and I’ve always wanted to use music to connect diverse groups,” Lanelle says. The world, too, has taken notice over the years with Aria collaborating with artists like Zimmer, American Matthew, and others. Between her being featured on Spotify and Pandora editorial playlists, receiving coverage on PopDust, Voyage ATL, KCRW, KSYM 90.1 FM, Lefutrewave (among other prominent outlets) and garnering over 300K solo streams (with 2 million additional streams on her collabs) Aria Lanelle is becoming an undeniable household name. 

2024 will see the release of Aria Lanelle’s 's buzzy debut album. Lanelle boasts newer lyrical comfort, better production skills, and improved vocal technique showcased in a more cohesive direction. Now’s the time to catch up on Aria’s already extensive catalog and prepare for the whirlwind coming your way. 


- Michael Stover

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